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We always get to choose, here in America, and that is a good thing. We can weigh all the options, and there are lots of options, before we vote with our hard earned dollars.

When we want the best products and the best prices one of the considerations is also where the product is made. We know that if we continue to purchase products made out of our country, we will continue to weaken our own pocketbooks.

Simplicity vacuums are made in the United States, in Missouri. We carry twenty different Simplicity vacuum cleaner models for you to test before you spend your money for some other highly advertised machine that is made in another country. We give you a choice to keep your money here in America and get the best quality cleaning machine in the process.




1. ELIMINATOR SPOT REMOVER - $9 a can (most people buy 2)

When you have spots that need to be removed, nothing works better than Eliminator. Just spray it on and press a white cloth on the spot and it will disappear!


Trying to remove lint from the dryer vent is impossible without a great tool. This flexible crevice tool gets there and lots of other places, like under the refrigerator and between the seats in your car. Don't be without this fabulous tool!


Our best selling vacuum cleaner by far! Ultra lightweight, super powerful, with an unbreakable belt system and HEPA hi flo bags to retain all the dust. We put this vacuum in head to head tests with vacuums that cost over $2000 and this one wins every time!


If you have tile, wood, laminate, or terrazo floors you will love this bare floor brush. It swivels and cleans forward, backward and sideways, getting into all the tight spots while zooming through any big open areas faster than anything else.


Quit trying to clean your hard floors with a mop, those just push your dirt around, much like the swiffer does. Get a true clean with steam from 15 jets of 212 degree steam. We tried other steam mops, but nothing sanitizes like this one.


Not the wet, drippy window mess you have been using, this glass cleaner sprays a stay put foam that leaves no streaks and brings a shine to your mirrors and glass surfaces.


Swivels in two different spots so that the large, soft dusting brush can get on top of high shelves, ceiling fan blades, crown moulding, bookshelves...well you get the picture, just about everywhere high...and low!


German engineering at its best, this is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and provides all the tools needed for cleaning carpet, tile, wood, laminate, area rugs, and all your above the floor surfaces. It is one of the very few vacuum cleaners that are completely sealed and perfect for those who have family members with allergies or asthma.


Those of us with pets know that sometimes we have smells. Get rid of those smells with a professional chemical that is safe to use around pets and humans. Works on hard surfaces to kill bacteria as well as soft surfaces like carpet and pet bedding. This also comes in a gallon for $25.


The best method for deep cleaning your carpet requires a very good extractor. This one is great and has a $100 instant rebate this Spring. Dual brush system lifts the knap of your carpet and cleans all sides at the same time. The dual extraction nozzles suck the dirt out from before and after the brushes, giving you the deepest clean. Royal chose to use the highest quality plastics thoughout the entire machine to ensure your machine will last long and they back this model with a three year manufacture warranty.






Time to send those kids back to school and do that fall cleaning. Get your cleaning tools and chemicals while they are on sale this fall. Your time is valuable so don't buy the watered down versions at the grocery store. We have professional full strength chemicals for all your cleaning needs.

For those of you with wall to wall carpeting, this may be the perfect time to rent a professional carpet cleaner and get rid of all the dirt from those traffic areas. If you pick up and return the machine on the same day, it only runs you $20 plus chemicals and tax. Or if you want more time, you can do the weekend deal by picking it up on Saturday and returning it Monday before 10 am for only $30! Tell us you read about it on our website and we will rent it to you for half price!



As we fly through these heat filled dog days of summer at Richard's Vacuum Center, we have watched our stock of HAAN floor sanitizers dwindle. Everyone just loves how clean it makes your hard floors and we found a new trick for using it to make your carpets bright and beautiful again. So stop in and ask us to show you how you can do it at your home. If you don't have one of these HAAN floor sanitizers yet, put us on your list to visit right away!

We also have a new American made Simplicity Vacuum cleaner for sale that you just have to try! If you love it like we do, and purchase one of these USA made vacuums this summer, we will give you a wonderful gift!



With summer just a few days away, we are celebrating the heat with great deals on great vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies. Don't settle for a throw-away vacuum, save money on something that will perform better and last longer.

Now until the 4th of July, we are giving a gift to everyone who purchases a new vacuum cleaner from us. Don't miss out on your FREEBIE!

Richard's Vacuum Center Now Offers Electrolux Preferred Line Vacuums

Electrolux Home Care Products is pleased to announce Richard's Vacuum Center as one of the newest dealers to carry the Electrolux Preferred Line.

Beginning Feb. 1, 2011, consumers can purchase models from the Electrolux Preferred Line, which includes three thigh-performance, premium canister vacuums all available with varying features and price points:

Maximus - designed with an extra-large dust compartment to hold more dirt than its competitors, Maximus offers a number of cleaning heads to effectively clean any surface, from carpet and upholstery to bare floors.

UltraSilencer Delux - featuring Silent Air Technology, UltraSilencer Delux boasts a quiet, powerful clean at only 68 decibels - all without substantial trade-off in cleaning performance.

UltraOne - the line's flagship model, UltraOne offers increased airflow, extreme suction power, a five-quart dust bag for optimal capacity and superior handling for a comfortable cleaning experience.

In addition to the new line, consumers also can buy genuine Electrolux parts at Richard's Vacuum Center, located at 703 Mason Avenue in Daytona Beach.

Richard's Vacuum Center has been serving the community of Daytona Beach and the surrounding area since 1975 from the same location on Mason Avenue.  Voted "Best Around" by the News Journal's readers for twenty years straight, Richard's Vacuum Center continues to strengthen its history of superior service and premium products they offer the community with this exclusive new line of top quality Electrolux vacuums.

Electrolux has provided world class floor care products for more than 90 years and is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use.  Electolux also manufactures and markets innovative floor care products under its well-known Eureka and Sanitaire brands.




Happy New Year!

One of the things we love best is when you write to tell us how happy you are with your new vacuum cleaner. This thank you letter arrived this week and we thought we would share it with you.

To Rick:

I came into the shop just for a vacuum repair and ended up in a wonderful conversation with you. I must say that I have owned 4 different vacuums over the last 8 years that gave me problems within the first year of my purchase date.

Rick, your demonstration and recommendation of the Simplicity Vacuum has been the best vacuum I have ever purchased. The coverage area and suction of this vacuum is excellent! I can even get into those tight/hideaway spaces with extension tools that are easily bagged for storage. I really love the Simplicity and would not trade it in for anything else!


K. F.

We sure appreciate those letters, so keep them coming!


BRRRR! Looks like the cold weather wants to set in for the holidays! For those of you who are turning on your heat for the first time this season, you may notice that your air vents need a bit of cleaning attention and we have the perfect tools to make that job quick and easy. Such a busy time of year, we like to save time whenever we can.

Speaking of that time of year when we are thinking of gifts for our loved ones, you may want to consider getting something more practical for your loved ones and yourself this year. We are offering great deals right now on vacuums, floor sanitizers, and cleaning chemicals. Cleaning is always easier when you are using professional tools and right now you can save big money on them at Richard's Vacuum Center.

If you stop in before December 15th, bring in a new toy for the Toys for Tots and we will provide you with a belt change on your current vacuum for FREE! Now that is a great deal!

And don't forget to enter our new drawing for a $25 gift certificate on your next visit to the store. Just drop your business card into the silver container at the counter. We will be drawing for the first one on December 18...just in time for Christmas!


FOOTBALL?! Already? Well, that means allergy season is right around the corner. Did you know that your vacuum cleaner can be the biggest source of indoor pollution and allergens? Don't let your vacuum cleaner send you to the doctor this fall, give your vacuum a tune-up and we will even run an allergy test on it for FREE.

For those who are still searching for the best indoor air cleaner to keep your allergies in check, we have it here. Made by IQ AIR, this machine actually removes the allergens that are smaller than the HEPA standard and will help you and your family breathe better.

Oh, by the way, mention that you read our web page when you bring your vacuum cleaner in for service and you will save $5 on the full coupon needed. We just want to hear your lovely voice.

For those of us with floors made of tile or wood or linoleum, a terrific new machine by HAAN will be your next purchase. It sanitizes your bare floors and cleans with such ease, you will be sitting back sipping a lemonade in no time at all.

There are two different kinds of machines to choose from by HAAN and we have them at Richard's Vacuum Center. The upright version comes in three beautiful colors for you to choose from, but don't delay as they appear to be selling very quickly.


As Summer drifts in our feet find their way to the ocean sand and then back home. For those of you who don't have a vacuum cleaner that gets that sand out of your carpet, we are now showing the SAND MACHINE.

This lightweight powerful vacuum is a true cleaning wonder. Ask to see it in action on your next visit to the store. It will make you want to trade in that old vacuum that only picks up surface dirt and leaves the carpet destroying sand behind. If you mention that you heard about it on the clean home club, we will give you double dollar amount on your trade-in toward the new SAND MACHINE.

Spring 2010


When the cold begins to fade, we all want to open the windows and bring in the fresh air. Spring gives us the opportunity to do our Spring cleaning and prepare our homes for the season of air conditioning. Many of us are getting out those tools that we use to clean out the air conditioner intakes and finding that the machine we use to clean our home could use a good cleaning itself!

No worries, the experts at Richard's Vacuum Center can make them like new again. When you bring your vacuum in for it's regular service, ask for a courtesy vac so that you don't have to slow down your spring cleaning efforts. This loaner is offered FREE when your vacuum is in for repair.

While you are there, take a look at the newest tools available. There is a wonderful flexible crevice tool that will help you get the dust from inside your dryer vent and from behind your refrigerator, spots that everyone wants to hit during spring cleaning to make their appliances work more efficiently. If you haven't looked at the new microfiber mop systems, you are in for a treat. These are an efficient, money saving, easy way to keep your tile and wood floors clean.


In the fall we think of cooler weather, falling leaves, children back in school, a time to get ourselves ready for the oncoming holidays. They seem to fly at us so quickly! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving and quickly into the Christmas season. Sometimes in this rush we get lost in the shuffle. This year, it is even more frazzling because of the presidential race that we will be voting on this November. How will you keep your family safe and happy?

I invite you to take time right now to think of one thing that you will hold to this holiday season that will keep you grounded in your values. Some of the things we do are automatic. We do what we can to make sure they eat right. We work to keep our home comfortable and clean. We attend to their health, physical and mental. We tell them we love them every day. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

Many of you have shared your ideas on how to make the job of keeping your home clean and comfortable easier. Thank you. During the holiday season many of us have visitors in our homes and that extra traffic can leave spots and stains on our carpet. If you need to just get a small stain removed, a can of Eliminator is all you need. At only seven dollars a can, everyone tells us it is the best value in our store.

If the traffic in your home has left big areas of worn and dirty looking carpet, maybe you want to rent a commercial carpet extractor. The carpet extractor rental does an awesome job when used with the commercial chemicals, Action and Release, and it only costs $20 for the machine rental if you pick it up and return it in the same day. You could clean your entire home with that!

Airborne allergens can also be a problem for some families. Some of the information about available allergy fighting products, including vacuum cleaners, is confusing and sometimes it is simply mis-information. Many vacuums will claim that they use a HEPA rated filter. The problem with the claim is that most of them are not sealed around the filter, which means the air and all the allergens, are just going around the filter and back into your home. If you want to know if your vacuum is spitting dirt and allergens into your home, bring your vacuum cleaner into our store and have it tested. We have an airborne particulate counter and that will tell you if the vacuum is helpful or harmful to your family’s health. We offer this service for free.

Our in-store information center also offers resources from the American Lung Association and IQ AIR, the manufacturer of the high quality air purifiers that are featured on the show Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, about how to control the allergens in your home. Stop in and talk to Penny if you have more questions on how to help your family deal with allergies.

Please keep those ideas coming. We will try to share them all in our upcoming online news. We’ll see you all next time around.

Your Vacuum Family at Richard’s Vacuum Center
703 Mason Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Hello September!

We are experiencing so much rain and wind from the hurricane front that it is hard to talk about anything else, except maybe politics! Times are really at a point of change this year and we are all feeling it.

There are some very exciting changes happening in the vacuum cleaner world as well. The tandem air models by Simplicity that many of you tested and reviewed for us at the end of last year have really been flying out the door. It is by far, the most powerful upright vacuum we have ever tried. If you have not taken the time to come down and take one for a trial run yet, now is the time. Everyone who tries one gets an entry into the end of the year drawing for prizes! Don’t miss this opportunity.

The new Dyson mini ball, DC24, has also gotten a lot of attention. At 11.3 pounds, it is the lightest vacuum that Dyson makes.

For you Miele vacuum fans, the new extra large swivel bare floor brush is the ticket. This is by far our most popular bare floor tool. It turns sideways and lets you clean in small spots as well as taking a large swipe across your bare floors to make the job get done faster.

Speaking of fast cleaning, you keep telling us that the Eliminator spot cleaner is the best you have ever tried. Many of you are now keeping a can in your laundry room to eliminate spots from your family’s clothing before you put them in the washing machine. What a great tip! Keep that information coming.







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