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Bare Floor Cleaners

Ok, you've spent thousands on that beautiful new tile or wood floor. Everyone is impressed. You love it! Now, how are you going to keep it looking great?



Machines To Clean Your Tile

To keep your floors in good condition, you need to use a machine designed for picking up the dust and dirt that can get ground into the floor surface.

You may be tempted to use those wiping cloths on a stick you can pick up at the grocery store. Let's face it, we like the convenience. The problem you will face with this solution is that it generally leaves most of the dirt on the floor and the more that you push it back and forth accross your floor the more you push the dirt into the surface instead of picking it up.

The better option is to use a good vacuum cleaner, with a bare floor brush that actually picks up the dust and dirt and puts it into a bag for you to throw away later. This way you are actually picking up the offending dirt and dust instead of just pushing it around.


Even though we regularly keep the dry dirt and dust up off our floor, sometimes we need to pick up wet messes. I usually blame my grandchildren for this, but frequently it is me who spills the orange juice on the kitchen floor.

Hoover Floormate - for cleaning up those wet messes, the Hoover Floormate can do the job. It sprays Floor to Floor cleaner and water down, scrubs lightly and sucks up the watery mess.

Koblenz Floor Scrubber - for when we need to remove really sticky dirt or strip off old floor finish to prepare for a new protective floor finish. The Koblenz uses two round brush bars with several different scrubbing pads to really clean tile floors that have texture. This is the same quality commercial machine used by the professionals in a smaller size. Like the professional machine, it requires that you use a mop to get the water off your floor.

Earlex Steam Vapor Machine - for all types of tile surfaces, not just the floor. This is the most versatile of the floor machines as it has many different attachments. It is also one of the best for use by those with allergies or chemical sensitivities because it uses only steam and no chemicals. Tracie says that this is the best way to clean your grout.