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  Royal Carpet Extractor

There are a lot of "Steam Cleaners" on the market these days. Many of them come to us needing service, even within the first year of ownership, It is discouraging when you find out after your purchase that the product you bought is so poorly designed and assembled that it doesn't work the second time you try to use it.

We were so skeptical about any of these machines we refused to carry one until we tested the Royal Carpet Extractor. When we put it into our rental line-up, we truly expected it to tear up within a month. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it not only did an excellent cleaning job, it held up in that commercial environment for almost two years.

The carpet extractor sprays the water and extraction fluid down onto your carpet. As you pull back on the machine, the pair of brushrolls clean both sides of your carpet fibers and the nozzle on the front extracts the dirty water back up into the tank. What makes this extractor so special is that it is made out of quality parts, it is designed well to make it easy to maintain, and it is backed by a three year manufacturers warranty.