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Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners

"The vacuum you'll flip over!"



Simplicity upright vacuums are made in America by Americans for American homes.

The range of vacuum cleaners on the market varies greatly, from an entry-level $59 machine at the discount store to an expensive $1,600 model available door-to-door. The saying "you get what you pay for" couldn't be more true for vacuum cleaners. Some vacuum cleaners are constructed with the expectation that repair will be easy, while the low cost of other vacuums means it makes more sense to simply throw them away. This is one reason for the cost and warranty differences between the two. At the high end of cost are all-metal machines. These are sold through some vacuum stores but mostly by door-to-door sales reps. They are generally expensive in nature and offer a good warranty, but can be heavy to use and carry.

All metal machines offer "dirty air" technology, meaning the carpet dirt and debris go through the fan and motor before proceeding into the cloth filter bag. This makes these machines more prone to fan breakage and motor replacement. At the low end of construction quality are the disposable machines sold mostly at discount or mass merchant stores. With the exception of the motor, most of the materials in these machines are ABS and other types of plastic. These machines are light to use and cheap to purchase, but they don't hold up very well and normally carry just a one-year warranty.

In between these two extremes are cleaners that are a combination of materials. They typically offer metal bottom plates, brush rolls, hand tubes, etc., but also offer ABS plastic housings and handles to minimize their weight. Warranties on these cleaners are normally two years. You can find this type of cleaner at better appliance stores, department stores and vacuum cleaner shops. Your decision on the quality you need rests entirely with your comfort level. Buying a disposable vacuum cleaner may be something you are used to, something which doesn't present much of a cost or time issue to you. At the other end of the spectrum, some folks are looking for quality and are seeking years of product satisfaction. Many of us are somewhere in between.