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We recognize that you have a choice. You can choose to buy an inexpensive low quality machine to clean your home. You can also choose to invest in a quality machine to do a better job of removing offensive dirt from your home and save you money over time. All we can do is share our extensive knowledge and experience about the cleaning machines available to you. You get to choose.

Many people are faced with the decision about a new vacuum cleaner when they least expect it. There you are, happily vacuuming your floor before the In-laws arrive for their extended visit when you hear that high pitched noise and then the motor just stops. It’s never an opportune time for the vacuum cleaner to stop working! When the current vacuum cleaner is not working properly some people will just put it out by the curb and go buy a new vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it is better to have that current vacuum cleaner looked at by a vacuum repair person. Either way some decision is necessary. It might be best to talk to someone who has experience with servicing vacuum cleaners. These people can tell you what to look for, what maintenance is needed and how to avoid problems.

If the decision to buy a new vacuum cleaner has been made, take time to consider the following.

Identify the types of surfaces you want to keep clean. Many vacuum cleaners do a fine job on carpet of low pile, but are useless on your new wood floor. If you know what type of surfaces you will be cleaning and share that information with a knowledgeable vacuum cleaner professional, you will make a better decision.

Identify who will be using the machine. If you buy the very best canister vacuum cleaner available and the person who uses it hates having the “thing” follow them around, you have wasted your money on something they will spend less and less time using because they hate it. Have the person who will be using the vacuum cleaner test them before you decide to buy. If the store you are shopping in does not allow you to test them first, leave and go to a store that will allow you to test first.

Consider the cost of maintaining the vacuum cleaner. Many of us have been delighted with the “FREE” printer with our computer purchase only to find the cost of ink needed to use the machine was astronomical. Learn about the cost of maintenance before you purchase the machine. Many people choose a bag-less style vacuum to save on the cost of replacement bags only to find that the cost of the filters for the bag-less style to far exceed what would have been used for bags. Ask your knowledgeable vacuum cleaner professional what the expected annual costs of operation is for each model you consider for purchase.